Early Signs of Childhood Depression

On January 21 Montana Lance a bright eyed boy from Dallas Texas who had apparently committed the grave act of suicide. And the news of the event hit the people of Dallas like a title wave. All across Texas and the rest of America people were shocked at what had happened and what could have went wrong to make this nine year old boy commit such an irreversible deed as committing suicide. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old hardly ever go to this extreme. In fact in the last 10 years only 33 cases where filed. But, countless more children have made an attempt but, have just not been successful. The problem is that no one seems to be taking these attempts at suicide seriously and instead only right them off as simple mistakes even when the signs are right under their noses. What we need to do as parents is instead of hoping that it is just a phase that he or she is going through. We must look for all and any of the signs that point to increases in stress, depression, and anxiety. Unlike in older children who become adept at hiding their emotions the great thing about kids between the ages of 5 and 9 is that they will vocalize how they feel more often than not. The signs that you should be watching out for are an increased interest in death, a Change in Personality or mood-depression, sadness, irritability, anxiety, apathy, or a change in sleep and eating habits are just a few ways to spot for early warning signs. So if you happen to walk into your child’s room and find them under their olive kids out of this world bed set just staring at the wall then don’t just write it off as just a phase instead sit down and talk with your kids. By becoming more of an active role in your child’s life is the best way to stop childhood depression.

Here are some actions and measures for keeping their living area organized: First thing you have to do is set yourself as an exemplary person for your kids. Do you keep your own rooms cleaned and organized? You should initiate the process through yourself and then make it a rule practiced by other family members. Never leave everything on your kid’s shoulder. Teach him first by showing him how to organize the place and keep cleaned. As your kid will see you he then able to start to handle his living place well. Don’t worry if he does mistake but encourage him to be more educated. Make sure that the main objective is to arrange a place that is feasible for activities like gaming, studying and sleeping. Discourage your kid to be busy playing with toys rather than consume his time in purposeful activities such as early awaking and cleaning home and going for a healthy walk etc. Make sure that the wardrobe is handy and within reach of kids. You should make them available with short sized cabinet to hang their clothes by them easily. Keep their undergarments easy to access, you can avail a separate case for their undergarments. Never allow them to mix their dirty clothes with washed. You can place a laundry basket where they can keep their dirty clothes. Make sure that the basket is in a separate corner or in store room. Keep the clothes hanging place in store room and keep it as your kids can approach it easily. In this way your kids can learn to collect their fun stuff like (toys, video games etc. ) after they finish with playing time. Avail your kids with a book shelf and wooden cases to manage their comic books, educational books, DVD’s, music players and other electronic stuff. Books are the most important resource for kids. They must be kept at a common place of kids’ view so that your kids can be encouraged towards reading and learning. Also kids’ friendly books are effective tool to enhance their abilities of learning issues of health, medical, society, sports and family etc. Buy medical comic books, comic books for disease awareness for kids, educational comic books, cartoon comic books and offer them with a friendly environment.

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